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What We Do
Corporate Development

HEADSTART's expertise lies in management and human capital consulting. You can focus on your core business and customers while will provide you with support in the background. Whether you need expert advice on issues surrounding human resources, assistance in setting up your organizational structure, or require advisory work around a proposed solution, HEADSTART is your go to firm.


Whether you need a one-off exercise, a monthly advisory service, or continous support, we will customize a solution that suits your needs.


We start every engagement by meeting with your team to get a complete understanding of what your needs are. We then propose a solution that delivers against your unique requirements. Below is an overview of some of our services.

We assist in planning and executing a range of strategies to help your organization meet its objectives. Regardless of the size of your organization, we can suggest ways to integrate your entity into the local and international markets. We create a plan for you to manage your stakeholders, your strategic communication initiatives and your positioning platforms. We work with you to design and implement a plan that delivers long-term value.

HR Audit

Most companies perform an annual audit on their finances and internal policies. However, many overlook HR and the need for an HR audit. We review your existing structure and plans, provide you with an analysis on your current landscape and summarize options for change or enhanced services. 

Strategy& Organization

Our team of experts can help review your strategy and put an implementation plan in place. Additional services include organizational design, restructuring, job analysis and evaluation, hierarchy and salary structure, developing strategic manpower planning and assisting with your recruitment strategies.

Benefits & Administration

The administration element of your human resource functions can be quite cumbersome. Let us handle this for you. We can assist you define, update and manage your job relevant administration tasks such as job descriptions, salary grids, benefits packages, allowances, relocation assistance, defining leave types and tracking systems, and visa processing.

Talent Management & Development

Let us work with you to keep your staff motivated and up-to-date on latest trends. We can set up a training and development program for your employees and provide you with a framework for performance and career management. That framework includes, but is not limited to, career and succession planning and a career transition support system.

Employment Compliance 

Every organization needs to be familiar with the relevant Labor Laws. We are an extension of your team and can provide you with answers concerning Labor matters and provide you with advice. We can also assist you in setting up policies and procedures for your organization and employment contracts. In addition, we can provide you with support on GCC Social Insurance, End of Service requirements and contract termination.

Corporate Solutions

We can recommend, facilitate and implement an appropriate host of solutions to support your company's needs, such as HR Information Systems, HR Helpdesk, Finance and Payroll Systems as well as Corporate Branding and Positioning. Let us know what your needs are and we will recommend a solution that suits your operations

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